Press Release - Indifference [Single]

The Story Behind has the ingredients required to become the hottest new metal band from Sweden. This exciting new constellation is comprised of some of the most experienced musicians from the Gothenburg metal scene. During 2018 the band has written and recorded their debut album named "Initium" (Latin for "The Start") which has been mixed and mastered by none other than the infamous Fredrik Nordström (In Flames, Architects, Bring Me The Horizon) at Fredman Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden.

As the band name suggests, the song lyrics tell real life stories based on the band's personal experiences. During the album making process a concept arose where the song stories became intertwined into one greater story. This great tale captivates the listener while allowing them to follow along on an adventure with a fictional character in the form of an astronaut named Captain Jeffery Haze. Captain Haze has been on a long mission and has now come back to earth to tell his story and reconnect with mankind.

The Story Behind will release their third single "Indifference" from the upcoming debut album Initium. A lyric video will accompany the single which captures a cinematic space drama that hangs the viewer to the edge of their seat as the music lifts off to new frontiers. The band is celebrating a successful run after the release of their critically acclaimed singles "In my head" and "The Last Chapter". Houston we've got a problem because The Story Behind is ready for liftoff!

Music Video [Indifference] - Out April 25th

Music Video - Edited & Produced by JB Studio & Media. 

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Design and cover art by Rob Hakemo.




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