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Let us introduce Jimmy & Rob's play through video of "In My Head". Warning: no spaceman in this clip just spaced out guitar and bass players 👩‍🚀🎸👨‍🚀🎸

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Artwork for the next upcoming single "The New Beginning". Stay put for release date soon.Artwork by Rob Hakemo.

We've released 3 songs from the upcoming album "Initium". Follow us on Spotify so you do not miss the next one!

Third single Indifference from the upcoming album Initium will have premiere on Youtube April 25th. Follow the link below and chat together with us before the release.

April 25th


The Story Behind is ready for liftoff with their third single "Indifference" from the upcoming debut album Initium. Get ready to hang from the edge of your seat as the music lifts off to new frontiers!