Reported missing in action, Captain Jefferey K. Haze had become a legend and a myth at the International Space Command. The story behind his bizarre disappearance had intrigued cadettes, colleagues and even the highest of scholars. Some would dare to suggest that he could even still be alive, but could he have survived the trip? The recorded event had made him erratic, self-absorbed and the question remained of how the length of his transmissions were even possible. He seemed to be living years in a matter of minutes. Had he lost his mind? Had he discovered another dimension? Where is he now? Mission Debriefing: On the 10th anniversary of his disappearance there were several reports of an astronaut in a spacesuit appearing at several different locations on earth simultaneously. Some reported that he was at times transparent and were unsure if he was physically there. As a part of your mission you have been granted a "Need-To-Know" access. Review the attached sound files and visual data multiple times in their entirety. Beware that some individuals have experienced side effects will resulted in termination from the program. The ISP will not be held liable for any permanent damage to yourself or others nor admit your participation in the program should any event occur. Proceed with caution but do not delay. We need to know the story behind.